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3 Things Most Runners Don’t Know About Sports Bottles with Valve Caps

By May 14, 2015 No Comments

Do you want to replenish your energy when you are running? Using sports bottles is one of the best ways to transport water with you wherever you go. It is important to follow the right rules when running so your body doesn’t cramp up and get dehydrated. Here are three tips that you need to follow the next time you head out for a run:

1. Stay well-hydrated throughout the day. You always want to drink early and often to keep dehydration from occurring when you are exercising. If you are running, drink 16 ounces of water before you head out. Every 15-20 minutes during the run, drink another 5-12 ounces. Staying hydrated on-the-go is the best way to maintain your energy and curb dehydration.

2. Carry a sports bottle with you always. Small sports bottles can be attached to a belt, fanny pack, or backpack. The right sports bottle is easy to transport and makes it easy for you to replenish your fluids when you are running.

RunnerSports bottles with valve caps make it easier on athletes to replenish their fluids as trainers and others can easily squeeze the water into their mouth while they are exercising. The sports valvecaps also prevent water from spilling all over during a workout.

3. Wash your sports bottle! While a lot of people are doing the eco-friendly thing by using the same sports bottles, a number of people forget about washing them. Washing a sports bottle is important as bacteria can begin growing after just one use. Your mouth is a pool of bacteria and it can start to cause an increase of toxic bacteria if you let the bacteria sit on the valve and inside the bottle.

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