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3 Tips for Traveling with Kids

By September 4, 2014 No Comments

Traveling with small children can be a challenge for even the most prepared and patient parents. Whether traveling by car or airplane, there are unique demands involved when children are along for the ride. The following three tips will help harried parents avoid some of the pitfalls of children and travel.

Pack the proper tools. Kids come with a lot of baggage. Literally. For babies and toddlers, this includes diapers, car seats, sippy cups, blankets, favorite toys, and numerous other provisions that are necessary for a safe and happy trip. Missing one or more of these items, or bringing the wrong type, can have inconvenient or disastrous consequences.

Make sure the things that you include will increase convenience and reduce hassle. For example, a leak proof sippy cup can be invaluable for preventing spills in the car. Packing snacks in small portions that can be doled out throughout a flight can keep little ones busy and quiet on the plane.

Anticipate problems. When traveling with kids, disaster is inevitable. Most parents can recount at least one incident in which a diaper blow out forced an unexpected stop at a less than sanitary gas station bathroom. Expect things to go wrong and try to plan for them. Always pack extra wipes for little hands and faces, as well as bottoms. Be over-prepared, even if it means bringing more than you need.

Be flexible. Give up right now on your dreams of a streamlined travel plan. Be ready and willing to change your plans if necessary.  You might think that driving all night while the little ones sleep will make the trip go easier. But be prepared when they don’t actually sleep well in the car and plan on stopping at a hotel if necessary. If from the outset you accept the fact that things probably won’t go as planned, you will be less frustrated when it actually happens.

While traveling with children can be a challenge, it can also be a lot of fun. Family vacations are an important way to create great memories with your kids. For more tools to make traveling with kids easy and hassle free, view our wide variety of sippy cups, travel cups and more at amdclosures.com today.


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