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5 Reasons Why Parents Love Training Cups

By December 23, 2014 No Comments

Keeping your toddler from spilling water, milk, or juice all over the home or your vehicle can be a challenge. Toddlers are always on the go, and this requires them to move onto a slotted cup from a bottle. The transition phase can be a difficult challenge for many toddlers as they grow accustom to the bottle. Here are five reasons why parents love training cups, and how it will improve your life!


Bottles often leak when they are turned upside down. A training cup comes in a variety of styles, but several of them will focus on preventing the toddler from spilling the contents. No more sticky juice to clean off the floor or around the high-chair! These cups make your life much easier as most come with lids that will not pop off and spill liquid.


Keeping a toddler hydrated can be a difficult task as they are always on-the-go. The leak-proof cups are perfect for toddlers as they can carry them around as they go. The cups with handles make it easy for a toddler to transition to using a cup without the help of an adult.


Giving your toddler a sippy cup is a great way to help them obtain independence. Parents do not need to worry about cleaning up the mess from a leak-proof cup, you only need to worry about finding it if they leave somewhere in the home!


Taking a cup with you in the car or to the park is an easy way to keep your toddler hydrated without toting several supplies along to mix milk or juice. Simply fill the cup and head out the door for your next adventure.


Using different stages of cups will allow you to help your toddler transition to a regular cup when they are ready for them. The various stages make it easier for a toddler to transition to a preschooler, who is ready to use a traditional cup.

For more information about slotted cups, visit our website today! We appreciate the convenience of cups that make parents lives easier by avoiding spills and breakage. Help your child learn independence and everyday skills by transitioning to the right training cup.



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