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Bottles for Marilyn!

By February 21, 2011 No Comments

I would like to know if you sell retail.  I used to buy your bottles at a local store and they no longer carry the kind I need .  My son-in-law is paralyzed on one-side from a stroke and he very often drinks his juice or water while lying in bed making it necessary to have the bottles with the silicone fixed valve so it is spill proof.  Although we have purchased other valve bottles they always leak and yours are the only ones that don’t.  Please let me know if I can purchase some bottles directly from you or what other stores carry them.

Thank you!


Please be advised that we did received the two bottles with the silicone valve caps and we’re so grateful to you for this.  My son-in-law was ecstatic when he seen them and your kind note saying there was “no charge”.  Thank you ever so much!  It’s surprising how a little bottle can make someone so elated.  My son-in-law was like a kid with a new toy.

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Thanking you again!



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