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Choosing Sippy Cups for Kids with the Best Spout

By January 14, 2015 One Comment

Helping a baby transition to toddlerhood is an exciting and challenging time for parents. One of the largest milestones a child will face is learning how to drink from a cup. Fortunately there are sippy cups for kids that make this process easier. The spout will make a major difference when selecting the right cup for your child.

Hard Spout Cups

Older children usually prefer the hard spouts as they are easy to use and resistant to chewing. Harder cups are beneficial if you do have a child who does chew the spout on other cups. Try multiple brands of sippy cups to find one that has the best hard spout for your child.

Soft Spout Cups

The soft spout cups are ideal for babies as they are used to a soft nipple when drinking from a bottle. Most soft spout cups are made with a silicone nipple. This is a great choice for children that drink milk from the cup as it helps them to become familiar with drinking from a sippy cup versus from a bottle.

The only downside is that some children can chew on them, which can cause them to leak if they become damaged.


sippy cup variety


Using a cup with a straw is an easy way to help a toddler learn how to drink without    the worry the cup will drip as most straw cups close on the top. These are ideal cups     to use in vehicles as you want to prevent leaking from the cup.

Slotted Cups

There are some sippy cups with a large slotted cup at the top. This is a great cup for      older children as it helps to limit leakage from the cup while helping a child become familiar with the feel of a normal cup. Transitioning to the regular cup becomes much easier if the child has practice with slotted cups for several weeks or months.


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  • Gary says:

    So far we’ve tried the MAM ones but the hard spout is throwing him off and the soft spout ones don’t have a valve so . . . it doesn’t work for me since he rfesues to drink water. I’ve tried the NUK soft spouted sippy and he’ll drink about 1-2 oz. Same with the soft spouted Tommee Tippee, he’ll drink some but not a whole bottle worth. It is a work in progress. I’ve also tried the straw sippy by Safe Sippy but that is also a hard spout so he just chews on it. I’ve read that the Nuby is a great sippy but I couldn’t find it in store so I just got the NUK and Tomme Tippee ones and so far there is more progress with those than others. My son can’t graduate to toddlers at daycare until he can drink out of a sippy so we have to find one that will work for him eventually.

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