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Different Kids Sippy Cups

By January 30, 2015 No Comments

Teaching your child how to use a sippy cup is a transitional stage every child needs to learn. Kid’s sippy cups come in a variety of sizes and styles. Choosing the appropriate one is based on your child’s age and skill set. The body style will make a difference in the way your child uses the cup, and if it suits their needs.

Tall and Slim Cups

Several slotted cup designs are tall and slim. These cups are great on-the-go as they can fit into a cup holder and are easy to hold. Tall cups are ideal for diaper bags as they slide right into the side, making them a perfect bottle to take with you on vacations. The only downside to the tall and slim cups is that they can be harder for toddlers to hold them. They usually work best for older kids that can drink a great deal of liquid from the cup.


Short and Contoured Cups

Short and contoured cups are ideal for all ages. They are easy for toddlers and kids to hold and many use a textured sides which make them easy to grip. The short bottles can fit well inside a cup holder and diaper bag. These smaller cups normally will not hold as much liquid as the taller cups.

Wide Cups

The wide cups are perfect for toddlers as they are designed to be transitional. They normally have a large bottom that is easy to set down. They will hold around 6 to 8 ounces of liquid in the cup. The major downside is these cups rarely will fit in a cup holder or backpack side as they are fatter. Sometimes the best ways to choose kids sippy cups is by trying different styles. Some kids prefer a hard top for the cup while others do better with silicone lids. Try multiple styles to determine which sippy cup is best for your child.


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