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High Tech Sports Bottles: The Best Gym Accessory

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When it comes to staying in shape, water is one of the best gym accessories you can have. Drinking plenty of water before a workout can enhance your performance during exercise. If you start to feel thirsty during exercise, it shows your body is already dehydrated.

Water and Your Workout

If you find yourself working out in the morning, hydration is even more important as your body has been on an 8 to 10 hour fast from food and water. Maintaining the appropriate amount of water during a workout will reduce fatigue, improve recovery time, and increases your level of satisfaction. If you start to experience headaches, tiredness, constipation, or poor concentration, it indicates you have early symptoms of dehydration.

Using High Tech Sports Bottles

One of the best ways to ensure you stay hydrated during exercise is to use high tech sports bottles. The right water bottles will prevent leaks, and make it easy for you to maintain hydration. Some people feel the need to use extra electrolytes during workouts as they sweat excessively. Using the right water bottle allows you to create an electrolyte cocktail to enhance your performance during workouts.

Am I Dehydrated?

Not only do headaches and tiredness indicate you are dehydrated, but another way to identify dehydration is to the color of your urine. If your urine is lighter in color you are drinking enough water. If urine is darker, it indicates that you are not drinking enough water and you should increase your water intake to improve problems with dehydration.

Selecting Water Bottles

To ensure you are able to maintain the appropriate level of hydration, use high tech sports bottles. Water bottles help you to gauge how much water you have had that day. If you are managing a sports team or have a sporting event, consider custom water bottle labels that indicate proper water intake.

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