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How to Find the Best Travel Cups for Kids

By January 6, 2015 No Comments

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Travel cups for kids are one of the best ways to prevent leaks from happening all around the home.  Are all sippy cups made from the same materials? Which ones will prevent you from dealing with  leaks or spills? Choosing the right sippy cup can vary based on your preferences and how your child  uses the cup.

If you do not want to waste money buying several sippy cups only to throw half of them away  because they leak, or your toddler hates them, use these easy tips:

• Ounces – how much fluid do you want the cup to hold? Some cups will hold several ounces while others only hold a few ounces. It helps to determine how much your toddler will drink before you choose a cup. If your toddler drinks milk from their cup, opt for a travel cup that can hold upwards of 6 ounces.

• Convenience – the point of the sippy cup is to allow parents to have the convenience of taking fluids for the children with them. You can go to the store, church, vacation, and just about anywhere you want with a sippy cup. When your toddler becomes thirsty or fussy, handing them a sippy cup is one of the best ways to calm them down. The right cup can slide into a backpack, purse, or cup holder, providing parents with the ultimate level of convenience possible.

• Bridge – is the point of the sippy cup to help your toddler learn how to drink from a cup? It is important to determine what cups will work best to help your toddler learn how to drink from the cup. Silicone lids are normally the best option to help a toddler learn how to drink from a cup as they transition from a bottle.


Finding the right travel cups for kids will make a major difference in helping a toddler learn how to use the cup, and prevent them from spilling.


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