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It’s time For Kids Travel Cups

By January 20, 2015 No Comments

Are you tired of cleaning up spills around the house? Teaching your children to learn how to hold cups without spilling them can take a long time. Using kids travel cups are the best way to ensure your children’s drinks will not spill in the car or in the home. Which cup should you purchase to keep the spills from happening? Some sippy cups are designed primarily to train a child how to use a cup while others are used to prevent spills.

To find a cup that works well, consider how well the cup will transport. Some cups are easy to transport, but they do not have lids that prevent leaking. Toddler cups have spill-proof lids that can fall onto their lid, and will prevent leaks. Parents of toddlers find cups that have a lid that screws on are best to prevent leaks. The cups with lids that snap on are easy to pop off, leading to a major spill anywhere.


  Travel cups are perfect for vacations as they do allow you to take them with        you for long distances. Cups that prevent leaks will keep the upholstery in the    car from becoming damaged. If children want to drink juice in the car, the  travel cups are the best way to prevent spills.

As a toddler starts to learn how to drink from cups, using a sippy cup is one of  the best ways to help them learn how to drink from the cup. The lid keeps    them from spilling liquid all over themselves when they drink. The lid has a  spout that can be used to prevent leaks from occurring, while other lids are designed only as a way to prevent major spills, but they still can leak when turned upside down. Experiment with multiple kids travel cups to find the right one for your needs.


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