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Proper Ways to Use a Sippy Cup

By November 13, 2014 No Comments

Is it time to take away the bottle and introduce a sippy cup to your baby? The right cup can help them transition from a bottle, but some cups can cause damage to their teeth if they do not use them correctly.

Far too many people rely on using a cup to serve juice only, which can be confusing for a baby if they are supposed to drink water and milk from the cups. Fruit juice can lead to damage for the baby’s developing teeth, and it is normally best to avoid serving juice to the child.

Use water to give the child access to the cup at all times. Milk should be given from the cup at meal times so the child can have a routine. If the milk is not completely consumed by the child in an hour or less, toss it out as it can cause serious tooth decay if they drink it again.

Avoid serving your baby sugary drinks as they are bad for their health and their teeth. The sugar leads to bacterial growth in the mouth, which will lead to tooth decay. Avoid serious dental concerns for your baby by using a sippy cup the right way and introducing it at a time with the baby is ready for it.

Many parents rush the decision to give a child a cup instead of letting the child tell you when they are ready for it. When the baby starts to pay attention to your foods and they start to grab at cups to drink from them, they are ready to start using sippy cups.


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