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Signs You Need a Training Cup for Your Child

By May 29, 2015 No Comments

How can you tell when it is time to move your baby from a bottle to a sippy cup? The move from a bottle to a cup is a big transition for children, but a wonderful day for parents as you watch your child learn some independence. Use these tips to identify if your child is ready for a training cup.

Is your baby eating solids?

Most babies will begin eating some solid foods around 6 months. As they are learning to eat solids you should consider introducing their first sippy cup. The cup will make it easier for them to understand drinking when they are eating meals. While some babies will catch on immediately, it can take a few months for other babies to understand how to use the cup.

Does your child drink a lot?

When you are caring for your child, notice how often you are feeding them. A child that drinks from a bottle is easier for parents to move to a sippy cup as you can regulate how much they are eating. However, breast-fed babies have an easy time moving to the sippy cup with a soft nipple. Once the baby is used to a sippy cup, you can eventually move to a hard-nipple cup as the child starts to gain more control over their actions.

Baby girl with sippy cupWhich cup is best?

Every child is different when it comes to what they like with a slotted cup. Try using different styles until you find a cup that your child prefers. The main goal of the cup is to assist your child with their drinking abilities, and to prevent messes in the home.

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