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Staying Hydrated: Why a water bottle should be man’s best friend

By June 12, 2015 No Comments

Committing to drinking more water each day has tremendous health benefits. Staying hydrated will provide you with more energy, healthier skin, and a rejuvenated body. Investing in a high tech sports bottle is a great way to ensure you will stay hydrated all day long. Here are some of the reasons why a water bottle should be your best friend.

Save Money

Investing in a good water bottle will save you a lot of money on plastic water bottles. Bottled water costs add up quickly. In fact, bottled water costs Americans over $10.6 billion yearly.

Pure Water

When you invest in a great water bottle you have access to clean water whenever you need it. You have pure water, which is not always the case when you buy pre-bottled water. The Food and Drug Administration only regulates 30-40% of bottled water that is sold in the United States. With such stringent regulations, it is worrisome that you could be drinking water that is unclean.

You can protect your health by using the right water bottle as you can be assured what water is going into your water bottle and some water bottles even include filtration systems.Ecological awareness

Protect the Environment

Another benefit of using your own water bottle is to help save the environment. The US uses 17.6 million barrels of oil to produce plastic bottles, which is responsible for greenhouse cases and other toxins in our environment. Unfortunately 84% of the water bottles used end up in landfills across the United States. Several bottles end up in the lakes and rivers and in the oceans, all of which damage our environment.

To help yourself stay hydrated, get a quote to purchase the best reusable water bottles to improve your health and the environment.


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