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The Ben Whitmore Story

By November 18, 2014 No Comments


We recently received this beautiful letter from the Whitmore Family about their son Ben (pictured above):

Dear AMD Corp,

Our son Ben is 11 years old, he was born with a condition called Hydro-Mega Cephelus, which is water on the brain plus the right side of his brain was dead and enlarged. When he turned 1 year old, he had a surgery and the right side of his brain was taken out, he also has seizures. Ben is wheelchair bound and cannot walk, talk and every seizure he has sets him back in his ability to learn. The only cups he can use is your valve cap large bottles, they are wonderful and don’t drip or leak. With him being a larger child, the large ounce bottles satisfy him. Thank you so much for the donation and we will continue to purchase your water bottles for years to come.

The Whitemore Family

(names of child and family changed for privacy protection)


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