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The Biggest Problem with Sippy Cups for Kids and How to Solve it

By April 17, 2015 No Comments

Sippy cups are a great way to help babies transition from bottle-feeding or nursing to drinking from adult cups. A number of children need the assistance of a sippy cup to prevent spills while to helping them learn the motor control skills of holding and drinking from a cup. Sippy cups for kids come in a variety of styles, some of which can make it harder for children to use sippy cups. However, the biggest problem with sippy cups is when a sippy cup leaks.

When Should I Introduce a Sippy Cup?

Leaks can occur if you end up introducing a sippy cup too early. Some parents rush their children into sippy cups, which can lead to problems with the child being able to control the sippy cup. It is important to wait until your child can firmly hold the cup with proper hand-to-mouth coordination. A sippy cup is a great way to help your children gain some independence, as they are capable of eating and drinking themselves. The age of 7 to 9 months is the standard age for most children to begin to start using a sippy cup.

How Can I Prevent Spills?

Since a leaky sippy cup can be a major issue for anyone, it is vital to select the right sippy cups for kids. Look at the materials and lids as they determine how effective the cup will hold in the water. The right cup is capable of keeping the liquid in without leaking if it is turned upside down. Children will learn how to use the cup in different stages, so it does take time for them to master the different stages of sippy cups.

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