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3 Things About Handicap Drinking Cups You Might Not Have Known

By May 27, 2015 No Comments

Loved ones dealing with physical limitations related to a disability may have a hard time performing certain activities. Finding products and solutions to make their day-to-day living easier can be another challenge. Drinking seems like a simple process for most, but using a cup is a barrier for many with disabilities. Fortunately, handicap drinking cups can assist in reducing the issues that come with tilting the head and griping a cup.

Here are some things about handicap drinking cups that you might not have known:

  1. Handicap drinking cups prevent gagging and choking. Several cups on the market are designed to help people that are unable to tilt their head or swallow properly. The correct cup will allow a person to lie comfortable and drink from the cup without tipping their head. The cup will also limit the amount of fluid, which assists in reducing chocking.
  2. Handicap cups are stable. One of the major issues facing handicap individuals when drinking is keeping the cup stable so it doesn’t spill when a person is raising and lowering it. Several designs of handicap cups include a firm grip and extra handles to assist with stability.
  3. Handicap cups can include weights. Drinking hot beverages is a concern for many disabled individuals as it is easy for a cup to slip and fall. Weighted, insulated cups are designed to protect your hands, allowing for greater control when moving the cup to the mouth. Hot beverages are much easier to drink when the cup is weighted as it won’t slip as easily.

Mother with disabled sonCorrect cup function can assist with independence, and it helps to boost the self-esteem and confidence of many disabled individuals. Help your loved ones by ordering the right handicap drinking cup.

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