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Three Ways Modern Technology Has Improved Sippy Cups

By February 27, 2015 No Comments

The original sippy cup was created in 1980 by a mechanical engineer who was tired of cleaning up the spills his toddler kept making. After he created the original sippy cup, Playtex purchased a licensing deal, which began the world of sippy cups for parents.

However, sippy cups have come a long way from that first, original cup. Here are three ways sippy cups have improved with modern technology.

1. Soft Plastic Lips

There are several versions of sippy cups available on the market—some have plastic nozzles and others have silicone nozzles. Selecting the right sippy cup nozzle will allow parents to help their child transition from using a bottle to a sippy cup and eventually to a traditional cup.

The right nozzle can also prevent injuries. The hard lips normally include a silicone spout inside the cup to prevent the water from spilling. The silicone nipple is beneficial as most people find they don’t cause as many injuries when compared to plastic spout options.

2. Straws

Straws are another new aspect to sippy cups. Several sippy cups now have bendable straws that help prevent spills in the car.

Parents also love sippy cups with straws because they are a good way to teach toddlers how to drink from a straw without worrying that they will spill.

3. Bio Friendly

Another way sippy cups have changed from the original model is that many of the modern options are bio friendly. With the use of the right sippy cup, everyone can prevent excess trash in landfills.

The other benefit to using bio friendly sippy cups is the fact that they are made with materials that do not release toxins into the water or juice. These cups are healthier and give children the ability to drink from a cup without drinking toxins.

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