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3 Ways to Help Your Special Needs Child Feel More Independent

By December 16, 2014 No Comments

Helping your child with special needs gain independence is a monumental step in their development. A special needs child must feel the love, support, and encouragement from their parents to conquer new stages that come their way. Preparing your child for these steps when they happen will give them greater self-confidence to tackle difficult problems they will face.

Opportunities for Independence

Based on the age of your child, start with small ways to provide independence. A younger child will feel a great deal of accomplishment by learning how to care for themselves in a small way. One way to do this is by offering a special needs drinking cup. This simple method allows them to be charge of drinking their beverages independently. Providing them with opportunities to feed themselves is another way to show them you care, and you trust them. As they learn these developmental skills, it will empower them to try other things that can be challenging. Based on the functioning level of your special needs child, a slotted cup or locking cap valve bottle is a great way to prevent messes in the home as well.

Coloring and Learning

Some special needs children reach a peak age of development, and they stop learning. Working with the right educational counselors to help your child continue advancing their skills is the best motivator. Reinforce their learning at home through coloring, reading, and other programs. There are computer programs designed specifically for special needs children. Supporting what they are learning in school is the best way to help them feel independent.


A special needs child wants you to treat them like other children. While they may not be capable of handling difficult chores, it is helpful to provide them with some chores. Chores are a great way to show them how they contribute to the family, and it helps them to feel a sense of accomplishment. Search for chores that are easy enough for them to handle at their functioning level.

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