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What NOT to Do When Searching for the Perfect Sport Bottle

By April 10, 2015 No Comments

Are you searching for the perfect water bottle? If you’re sick of water bottles that break, or bottles that end up leaking all over, finding a new, quality water bottle brand is vital. Dealing with spills, broken valves, broken sides, and other issues can be frustrating. So what is it that makes a good water bottle stand out from the others?

Plastic Vs. Other Bottle Materials

Some people prefer steel water bottles, while others prefer plastic. The concern with a number of bottles is the fact that they are not BPA-free. Certain materials are designed to withstand heat, preventing toxic chemicals from leaking into the water when the plastic material gets too hot. Often, low-quality, plastic water bottles are some of the worse culprits of this. When shopping for a new water bottle, ensure that it is BPA-free, and made a high quality material that won’t leak toxins into your water.

Size Matters

Is bigger truly better? Based on the use of the water bottle, bigger can increase the likelihood the water bottle will leak. Other concerns associated with size include stagnant water or beverages, poor material construction, and improper valve cap sizing. It is important to search for a bottle that has the features and the quality construction to support your needs, before shopping by size.

Valve Caps

Athletes rarely pop a lid and gently use a water bottle. Athletes need water bottles they can grab, squeeze and toss without breaking the bottle. To withstand the punishment from athletes, consider using sports bottles with valve cap as it gives them the convenience they need when they are on the go.

If you’re looking to purchase new, high-quality sports bottles, add one to your cart today!


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