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Why Hospitals and Caregivers Love Special Needs Drinking Cups

By March 19, 2015 No Comments

Feeding a loved one with special needs can prove particularly challenging. Some individuals are capable of handling their own beverages and can easily feed themselves, but others need assistance from their loved ones and caregivers.

Make your loved one’s life easier by using special needs drinking cups. These cups are designed to help avoid spills, and are easier to handle for individuals who struggle to hold a cup properly. If you have a child struggling with eating or drinking problems, discuss your concerns with a feeding specialist. They can show you how to incorporate special needs drinking cups into their life, and how these cups can change their life and yours.

Problems with feeding and swallowing are particularly concerning as the individuals can have problems maintaining a healthy diet. A gastroenterologist will assist parents and caregivers to help them understand the best methods to help loved ones eat and drink correctly. Dysphagia cups are designed to help individuals with swallowing problems. The design of special needs drinking cups allows a person to tuck their chin while they are drinking, which helps to assist with swallowing.

All special needs drinking cups are adapted not only to prevent leaks, but also to help individuals that are unable to drink in the “traditional” manner. Most drinking cups are made in a way that is easy to pick up, but they neglect to make it easier for a person to actually drink from them. The right drinking cups can be used while lying down and some include weights to help individuals with hand tremors.

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