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Why It’s Easier for Kids to Drink from a Training Cup

By December 11, 2014 No Comments

Are you ready to help your baby move from bottles to a slotted cup? The right transition from bottles to cups helps a child learn independence. They are an important step for a child to take in their development, and provides them with a sense of accomplishment when they master the slotted cup.

Why is it easier for children to drink from sippy cups?

Some cups come with handles, making it easier for them to pick up the cup and move it to their mouth. Younger children normally rely on cups that are no-spill while older children have learned to avoid tipping their cup upside down. Some children find these cups are easier to use as they can bite on them and tip them upside down with their teeth. If you have a child doing this procedure, they are ready to move from slotted cups to a traditional cup.

Reducing Spills

Children want to do good deeds. If they have spilled in the past, your reaction to the spill can impact how they feel about drinking from a cup. Older children can master the ability to control a cup while younger children often use too much force to lift and lower the cup. If a cup is slammed, it will spill. Using cups with slotted lids prevent spilling and help a child learn how to master the cup, so they do not spill.


It is common for children to become thirsty in the car and ask for a drink. Providing them with a training cup can prevent spills in the car, and helps a child learn how motion impacts the contents in the cup. Some cups do have straws with seal-off valves to prevent leaks. Valve straws are a great way to help a child learn to drink from a straw, and it keeps your car from becoming a mess if they accidentally drop the cup.

To help your child transition through the different phases of drinking cups, visit our website for more information. We provide a variety of drinking products to make your toddler, preschooler, or older child improve their control over cups. Help your child with their developmental milestones today with the right training cups!


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