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Why Patent-Pending Hydro shot is as Impressive as it Sounds

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Creating the right water bottle can make a difference in how athletes remain hydrated during exercise. Hydro shot sports water bottles are revolutionizing the world of sports. These bottles have flow control and unique locking-cap features to make it easy for anyone to hydrate while working out.


What Are Hydro Shot Sports Bottles?

Unlike other water bottles, the Hydro shot sports bottles are designed to provide athletes with consistent flow without the risk of toxins and germs compromising their drinks. The more you squeeze, the bigger the flow will become. These sports bottles are practical for athletes who do not have time to waste opening a lid when they are working out.


Preventing Leaks With Bottles

The hydro shot bottles will not leak or drip, making them an ideal selection for anyone needing to toss a water bottle in a gym bag. The bottles are made from biodegradable materials, making them safer on the environment. Made with BPA-friendly materials, athletes can enhance their game without any of the toxic materials that can reduce muscle function.


What type of Sports Water Bottle Works Best?

A number of sports team managers need to find what type of sports water bottle works best for their athletes. Keeping athletes hydrated is an essential part of their job. Here are three things to look for in a quality water bottle:

  • Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.35.20 PMFunctionality: How easy is the water bottle to use? Can the athlete squeeze water on the go instead of needing to screw or pop open a lid to acquire the liquid they need to stay active?
  • Leak Proof: Water bottles will be thrown, dropped, and take a beating. You need to shop for a water bottle that will not leak when it’s tossed aside during a game.
  • Branding: A team needs to have a uniform brand, this includes the color of the water bottles. Look for water bottles that allow you to brand them to enhance your on-field presence.


The right bottles will help your athletes take their game to the next level. Click “add to cart” on the hydro shot bottles and try one out today!


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